Saturday, November 22, 2008

Poolside in Windhoek

Well, dawn finally broke this morning to put an end to a very long night. Gee, I was glad to see the first hint of light on the eastern horizon! We were stuck on the bus at the Namibian border post for about 2 hours - something to do with delays over declaring the new bus engine at customs... (Intercape, when your job revolves entirely around getting a bus back and forth across a border, you really should be getting good at it by now ...)

Ivan got off at a stop somewhere in the desert about 2 hours before Windhoek, clutching his box of fish. He's a really nice guy, I hope he emails me. He's back home to join his family for a memorial service - 1 year since his brother died in a motorcycle accident. Very sad.

I was met at Windhoek by the driver from the Chameleon Guest Lodge, and that's where I am now. It is crazy hot (being the desert and all), and I would probably be quite irritable if it wasn't for this bottle of ice cold Windhoek Lager. First thing I did was sleep for an hour or two, then wandered into town. Unfortunately, everything within walking distance closes at 1pm on Saturdays, so there were shutters slamming down all around me. If I had more time I might have gone on a safari, or to Walvis Bay or something... Next time ...

Meanwhile, I have no choice but to sit on the grass with a cold beer, and watch the scantily clad bodies frolicking in the pool... :o)

I did get an Namibian SIM card for my phone, but couldn't get the GPRS working. Which is why i'm writing this in the internet cafe. So i'll have to wait till i'm on the way home to post my pictures from my phone.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!


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