Monday, November 24, 2008


And I finally made it back to Cape Town! How awesome it was to see the Mountain hovering over the City, waiting for me like an old friend.

After disembarking from the coach, I decided to complete the journey in the manner in which I started it, and eschewed the comforts of a metered cab for the raucous bustle of a minibus taxi.

After a potent reminder of how impossible it is to get yourself and two backpacks from the backseat of a taxi with a shred of dignity, I walked from Shoprite in Main Road Claremont back here to my flat. And this photo is the view from my flat window, bringing a neat photographic end to my trip.

Athough it was such a lengthy journey (over 40 hours of travelling in 3 days) I feel tired but emotionally invigorated. I feel imbued with a renewed enthusiasm for my work, and for Africa in general, and I can't wait to finish my book so I can go on the next adventure!

Meanwhile, I need to chill for a couple of hours, and take that shower I've been thinking about since Springbok...


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