Sunday, January 24, 2010


It's a sunny morning here in Oxford, although the air is pretty crisp. I'm sitting in Costa coffee up on the second floor of Waterstones bookshop, and I must admit, my Americano is going down rather nicely.

On the table next to me, a woman is sitting with a small notebook computer, hooked up to the Internet via a little wireless 'dongle' plugged into its side. I'm surpirsed that there is no wifi available in here, but even so I can't help but be impressed by the technology that allows her to browse the web anywhere, and which enables me to write this blog entry and publish it from a tiny mobile device. I love it!

In a second I'm going to venture outside to seek out some nice photo opportunities, and upload any half decent shots here. Let's see what I can find ...

Location:Magdalen St E,Oxford,United Kingdom