Sunday, November 23, 2008

Out and about ...

Thrilled that I managed to get my data connection working this morning!

I spent most of last night wrestling with a mosquito the size of a small dog. It was one of those quiet ones that sneak up on you. Every now and then I would catch it feeding on me, but it would vanish before I could get it. This morning I woke up with welts the size of R5 coins on my neck, and without any antiseptic cream I envisioned an itchy return trip to Cape Town!

Then I had the crazy idea to put toothpaste on the bites, and I must say it worked a treat. Swelling went down, and no itching at all. So remember to pack your Colgate if you're heading into mosquito country!

I hung out at the bar last night, but wasn't very impressed with their gin & tonic. It was like drinking a beaker of paint thinner. My friend Sarah can whip up awesome G&Ts in the most rugged of surroundings, so maybe i've been spoilt by her special skills!

Right now i'm sitting on the steps of the Namibian National Museum. A little street boy just joined me for a bit, dressed literally in rags and definitely in need of a bath. He asked me about my phone, and I explained to him what the internet was. He earned N$10 by letting me take his picture. I was struck by his intelligence and fluency in English.

The Museum is a bit of a relic in its own right. They could do so much with with it if they just had a bit of funding. Definitely on the list of potential projects for the MIAA.

Now I'm getting hungry, it must be lunchtime. While I go looking for lunch, I'll leave you with some random pics of the guest lodge and museum...

Chat later,

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