Friday, November 21, 2008

Evening draws in ...

Well it's about 7:20 pm SA time, and the bus just keeps on going.

The landscape has changed quite dramatically, having become mountainous with a very jagged horizon. The sun has just sunk below the peaks, and I think we'll be losing the light soon.

The hostess came by with a small plastic cup of coffee about an hour ago, and stopped to chat for a bit. She, like Ivan here, seems to delight in calling me "Mister Anderson". Seems like The Matrix will never die.

I've got 2 books keeping me company. This is my big chance to get past page 7 of Wilbur Smith's "The Leopard Hunts in Darkness". I really love all his books, although the first chapter of this one was pretty horrific. If anyone knows how to rip off an elephant's legs, it's Wilbur.

The other book is an archaeological one - a new publication bearing the fruits of a research initiative at Wits uni. It's called "500 Years Rediscovered", and it is pretty good. And I'm not just saying that because I co-authored one of the chapters... It's in Exclusive Books now folks!

So, evening draws in and i'm resigning myself to another few hours of driving before the next stop. It's quite chilly now, so I'm glad I kept my hoodie with me.

Cell reception is becoming intermittent, but I'll post again when I can. Glad you are with me! :o)


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