Friday, February 20, 2009

Road Trip II: Windhoek Revisited

And here I am again, sitting in the Cape Town bus depot about to embark on that looooong journey to Windhoek.

Like last time, I'm only staying over for one night before heading back again. I guess you could describe it as an 'extreme' business trip.

This time, however, I haven't brought my PDA charger with me, so I'll have to be a bit more conservative with my battery usage. But I will try to blog as much as possible.

On this occasion, I did have enough time to get breakfast first, so i'm in a much better headspace this morning!

Well, a bus has just pulled in which could be mine. The drive is at least 22 hours each way, but as you may have read in my earlier blog, it can take much longer than that. Delays are common, especially going over the Namibian border and back.

But I remain optimistic, and if anything goes wrong, you can be sure i'll be bitching about it right here!

See you on the road!

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