Friday, February 20, 2009


Well we pulled out of the Klawer services about half an hour ago, and from now on it's all Karoo.

It's the hottest part of the day, and the sun is thrashing down almost vertically upon our little coach, which must look like a tiny insect against such a vast and bleak backdrop. All the curtains are drawn across the windows to keep the sun out, and the aircon is on full blast.

But despite the external elements, these buses are pretty comfortable. And - luxury of luxuries - I have 2 seats to myself! So I can happily stretch out and munch away on my biltong.

This is normally about the time that they put the first movie on the little tvs overhead. What are the chances I'll be treated to a third screening of "Left Behind"?

My book on this trip is James Michener's "The Covenent", which i've been meaning to engage with for ages as i've been told it's very good. I haven't started it yet, but it will be great company in the early hours of the morning, when all the other passengers are asleep and i'm trundling alone through the middle of Namibia.

Just got an email from the guest lodge i'm staying at tomorrow night, confirming my booking. Same place as last time, Chameleon Guest Lodge in Voigt Road. I'll be ready for a drink when I get there I expect! Although I might avoid the G&T this time ...


Sarah Court said...

Never avoid the G&T - if necessary you should pack your own provisions. What kind of great white explorer are you?

Mark said...

Haha! How I wish you were here too! And not just for your G&T expertise, of course... lol

I've been eyeing the bus route map, and it would be so easy to just carry on up to Victoria Falls in Zambia. So, so tempting ....